12Qs To Ask About Sound Identity™

ELIAS knows that as a marketer, you’re constantly seeking innovative ways to break through clutter, improve your messaging and enhance your customers’ experience with your brand – and that you’re always on the prowl for ways to do so with greater efficiency and return on investment. And as human beings, we all know what it’s like to be so passionately and emotionally engaged that we’re compelled to take action.

As the pre-eminent music production & audio branding firm, ELIAS encourages you to consider if you’ve fully unleashed the power of audio for your brand. Please check all that apply.

01. Can you define your brand’s sonic positioning?

02. Does a singular audio strategy influence every brand touchpoint that uses audio (including product design, retail outlets, call centers, web sites, internal/training materials, trade show booths/sales materials, computer start up sounds, etc.) to help build long term equity?

03. Are you as disciplined, attentive and long-term focused on your brand’s use of audio as you are with its other assets?

04. Does your brand style guide include sonic direction?

05. Do you measure your brand’s audio ROI?

06. As the number of customer touchpoints proliferate and your marketing dollars fragment, do you use music and sound as the connective tissue to enhance coherency?

07. Do you have a way of creating an iconic brand imprint, even when there’s no visual landscape?

08. Can you name the key elements (such as rhythm, melody, instrumentation, sound design, human voices, etc.) that are integral to your brand’s audio palette?

09. Do you feel that your brand team has the expertise and depth of knowledge to determine if music is "on" or "off" brand for your needs?

10. Do you know what qualifications to look for in assessing the right music, sound or audio branding partner?

11. Do the musicians and sound designers who work on your business have a full appreciation of your brand’s overarching equity and emotional territory?

12. Do they understand the business needs of the audio they’re designing for you?

Have these questions encouraged you to think differently about audio and its application for your brand?